Security Lab - List of Tools

Smart cards and EMV

EMV tag search Look up EMV tags in this handy database. Search by keyword e.g. for all tags that contain the word "currency" or "cryptogram" in the description, or look up a hex tag e.g "9F20".
TLV decoder Decode EMV TLV (Tag, Length, Value) byte strings into their constituent tags and sub-tags. Useful for analysing APDU traces, responses and so on.
CAP calculator Generate CAP codes using an emulated banking card and CAP calculator, to test against real gadgets or for testing authentication servers.
Cryptogram calculator Generate and verify EMV ARQC, ARPC and TC cryptograms, calculated using the vital parameters of the card, UDKs, ATC etc.
EMV CA (certificate generation) Generate EMV certificates using a provided CA certificate and certificate details or a certification request.

Application cryptography

AES calculator Encrypt and decrypt hex strings using AES-128 and AES-256, supporting basic modes of operation, ECB, CBC.
DES calculator Encrypt and decrypt hex strings using DES and 3DES, using the basic modes of operation, ECB, CBC.
ECC calculator Do ECC encryption and decryption (ECIES) or signing and verification (ECDSA) of data with a selected elliptic curve and public and private keys. ECC key generator provides 14 standard ECC curves and it also supports custom definitions of elliptic curves.
Hash calculator Compute a hash value of a hexadecimal string or a file using one of the following functions: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, RIMEMD.
HMAC calculator Compute an HMAC-x value of a hexadecimal string or a file using one of the following hash functions: MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA1, SHA256, RIMEMD.

Basic cryptography

RSA calculator Perform RSA computations (decrypt, encrypt, sign) that demonstrate commutative properties of RSA.
Elliptic curve calculator Use this tool to check if points lie on a selected elliptic curve and compute the multiplication of two points.
RSA test keys Provides test RSA keys of lengths between 1,024 and 2,048 bits. It also offers choice of modules between 3 and 65,537. Keys are randomly selected from a pre-computed set.

Key management and banking

Local Master Key (LMK) calculator for Thales HSMs Encrypt a clear key of your choice under a chosen LMK, for entry to HSMs.
Keyshare generator Automatically generate test keys of various lengths, and split into components. KCVs are automatically provided for each component and the whole key.
PIN translation Encrypt, decrypt and translate ISO PINblocks between different encryption keys. PINs, PANs, padding... all sorts of fun!
ANSI X9.19 MAC generator Compute an X9.19 MAC value of a hexadecimal string or a file.
Luhn check Adds a check-digit to an entered number. This algorithm is used in banking and for IMEI numbers, National Provider Identifier numbers in the USA, or Canadian Social Insurance Numbers.


OATH OTP calculator
Calculate one time pass codes using OATH HOTP/TOTP. It also includes challenges and responses according to the OATH OCRA protocol.

Other tools

ASN1 decoder Decode a binary file into an ASN1 dump using an online interface to Peter Gutmann's dumpasn1 tool
hex dump tool
This hex dump tool will create a multicoloured, annotated hex dump of the provided file, making it easy to spot strings, markers, and high and low entropy areas of the file. Very useful for when you don't have your favourite hex dump tool to hand.
Character set
Convert strings of text and hex between ASCII, ECBDIC and hex representations. Suprising how often you need one of these!
ePassport MRZ
Generate passport Machine Readable Zones (MRZs) from biographical details including name, date of birth, and passport numbers, expiry dates etc. Randomly created identities can also be used.

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